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3 April
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Eh blah..no comment.
agnostic, aimee mann, air, alternitive, ani difranco, aphex twin, aries, art, australian accents, bartlesville, bass guitar, beck, beethoven, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, beta band, beth hart, beth orton, better than ezra, bif naked, bikini kill, billie holiday, bjork, black, black nail polish, blind melon, bracelets, bright eyes, bukowski, cake, cecil b. demented, charles bukowski, cigarettes, coffee, concerts, counting crows, crying, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, depression, dexter freebish, dido, disco, dream for an insomniac, dream interpretation, driving, eels, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, empire records, erykah badu, everything but the girl, fiona apple, frank sinatra, fugazi, gattaca, girl interrupted, glam rock, glitter, gloomy mornings, gwar, hair dye, hanson, high fidelity, hooverphonic, incubus, india.arie, insomnia, insomniac, ione skye, jay and silent bob, jazz, jeff buckley, john cusack, joydrop, karate, kevin smith, ladybugs, le tigre, make up, mallrats, massive attack, mindless self indulgence, moby, modest mouse, movies, mp3s, music, music therapy, my cat ivan, nail polish, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, nirvana, non religious, norah jones, oklahoma, orchids, our lady peace, pavement, pedro the lion, philosophy, photobooth pictures, platypuses, poetry, portishead, psychology, radiohead, rain, rainy days, rasputina, reality bites, rufus wainwright, sad songs, sarah vaughan, sarcasm, say anything, scapegoat wax, self, shannon hoon, silverchair, singing, sleeping in, smashing pumpkins, smoking, sparkles, spiritualized, sylvia plath, tarot cards, tea, techno, that dog, the bell jar, the beta band, the cranberries, the cure, the eels, the moffatts, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the weakerthans, things in herds, tom robbins, tom waits, trip-hop, tulsa, velvet goldmine, vonnegut, waking life, wiley wiggins

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